Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Comic Update: Rockin Rick #1-6

So a year ago I drew a silly one-off comic for my campus newspaper featuring a character called "Rockin' Rick." I liked Rockin' Rick, so I used him in many many more comics despite all good logic. Eventually my good friend Stephen Winchell, a human being who can actually draw things that do not look horrible, decided to draw a few himself. Eventually Steve and I collaborated on a whole lot more Rockin' Ricks, and kept the strip going twice a week for a semester.

Rockin' Rick is special to me because it is the first comic I ever made that somebody liked. Still, a lot of other people (i.e. people that did not know and pity me) didn't. Rockin' Rick, in its early days, was a straight-up gag comic with one joke. If you didn't like the joke the first time, you were not going to enjoy it repeated twenty-plus times. Daily Campus comics readers learned this the hard way.

Still, Mr. Winchell and I would like to keep Rockin' Rick going in some way during our post-grad lives. So Steve, in all his loving generosity, decided to redraw the first six Rick strips I ever made. You will quickly notice that the art is very nice but the writing is very very wordy and clunky. That is just how I was a year and a half ago. That is how I still am. I am sorry.

Anyway, enjoy. Or hate. If you like them, maybe Steve will redraw more of them? (Note: he will anyway, no matter what you think)


Adam said...

The dude in the third strip must be an Anti-Flag fan.

Waz said...

I was a big fan of rockin' rick. I want to go to van halen university. It'd be a grand time

Dave Winchell said...

The Van Halen logo is drawn wrong.

Sean Rose said...

it seems pretty accurate to me??


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