Monday, February 02, 2009

Hourly Comics: A Great Adventure

So in case you were not aware this Sunday was Hourly Comics Day, during which many funny and prominent web cartoonists decided to put their balls on the line and draw a HILARIOUS comic about their lives for every hour they were awake. And I decided to give it a go! So I will post them here and you can decide if it was a gigantic waste of my time or not. Either way I had fun!

Talented dudes like John Campbell (who came up with this whole "hourly comics" concept) and KC Green have taken it upon themselves to make these comics during the entire month of January, which is pretty CRAZY if you ask me. Doing just one day is tough enough!! God bless them.

Either way, here they be.

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Adam Spektor said...

-Jealous that you have a Dunkin Donuts on campus. I have to pay twice as much for less, worse coffee.
-Sean D - HA
-I still didn't think Eve 6 were a band either. Actually, I don't think I know a single song by them. That's probably a very good thing.
-I could go for some wings right now.
-You gotta watch Bruce somehow, no matter what. Best halftime show ever.

Great work.