Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So If You're Really Bored And On Youtube

Search for "Johnny Rotten."

It doesn't matter whether you like Johnny Rotten or not. Or if you care about the Sex Pistols, or PiL, or any of them. The truth is that Johnny Rotten is a hilariously cartoonish asshole, and whenever there's a video camera on him he reacts by making a complete fool out of himself as much as possible.

You'll find videos of him as an angry young man, being downright mean and standoffish to interviewers. You'll find videos of him on awkward mid-80's low-rent video shows hocking his latest PiL album. And best yet, you'll find videos of him as a crotchety old man on Judge Judy.

It's a fantastic journey.

I'll have an actual album review up here some point soon.

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