Sunday, August 10, 2008

Comic Update: "Tom Petty Comics #1" by Stephen Winchell

My fellow Wilhelm Sketch Comedy founder Steve Winchell has been pestering me to post up some comics of his. He and I have been playing around with the idea of a "Traveling Wilburys Comic" for some time now, since both of us have an unhealthy love of said late-80's supergroup, but before we ever do embark on such a project Steve has decided to write what could be considered a precursor to the Traveling Wilburys - "Tom Petty Comics."

What's it about? Well, it's about Tom Petty. Kicking some ass.

...well, ok, that's just an assumption. Mr. Winchell has only made one page of this soon-to-be-acclaimed comic series, which I am posting here. Unfortunately, he tells me he will only update this epic comic saga if this humble blog of mine sees a significant spike in readers. But since I don't know how to track site hits on Blogger, I'll use the comments this post receives as an indication of increased readership.

But nobody's commented in this thing in a while, so guess what that means! If one - yes, one - person comments on this post, Mr. Winchell will be forced to continue these wonderful Tom Petty comixxx! HUZZAH!

So please comment and enjoy, people, or this will be the last you will see of Mr. Winchell's amazing folk-rock saga. (And comment in Blogger, please. Facebook doesn't count.)



Emily said...

I think more of this beauty is needed in the world. Plus, it's totally easy to track site traffic on Blogger, let me know if you want some help.

Luke said...

I'm all for this if there will be zombie Orbison and Harrison, though if that doesn't fit in the timeline for now, that's okay.

Steve said...

if you stick to the story they'll be zombies...somewhere. of someone.

Adam said...

I loved the Wilburys idea when Sean first told me about it and this Tom Petty comic could very easily lead directly to the Traveling Wilburys comic. Keep up the great work.

Steve said...

Anyway, I figured I'd clarify this because Sean in his not-so-subtle way maybe missed the point a little bit (and ruined a bit of the motive by making it so fucking clear)

My logic is this:
-I like Sean's blog
-Only his friends seem to read it despite its frequent and insightful updates
-People like comics

So I figured I'd draw a comic for his blog, and hopefully that would get people that don't know him from Milford/UConn to come and read the other stuff. Which is why I said I'd do a limited engagement (10 Tom Petty Comics)to see if it actually worked.

So that's what I'm all about

Emily said...

Steve Winchell, as always, being a great friend to Sean Rose.

Sean Rose said...


Steve said...

sean has warped my gentle nature into a grizzly thing

Sean Rose said...

what does that even mean