Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! S3E01: An Adventure in Pictures

If you are like me, you have seen the season premiere of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! by now. If you are even more like me, you have watched it several times over and found wonderful little details you didn't catch the first time through. If this is the case, you may not need to read this post.

But what about those eager Tim and Eric hardcore motherfuckers who prefer to wait for the show's real premiere, 12:15 tonight on Adult Swim? Well, I am not one of those people, obviously, and I do not understand them. For one, when I know there is a Tim and Eric episode floating around that I have not seen, accessible with the click of a button, I must see it. Secondly, I have a lot of trouble watching Tim and Eric on television because it is hard for me to believe they inhabit the same space as any other televised network program (other AS shows included). In its own corner of the internet, Tim and Eric feels right at home. On TV, it is genuinely frightening.

So if you want to see the new Tim and Eric but are depriving yourself of it, fuck you you abnormal go watch it like any normal human being would. Either way, I have chronicled a handy spoiler-free pre-viewing guide that I hope you will enjoy.

Here are some things to watch for.

1. The Indian Man

You will not even get past the opening titles before seeing this man.

He makes a variety of faces.

He also touches himself...

...before making one more face.

2. Penis Advice

In this episode, Pep-Pep smells his grandson's penis.

Keep a lookout for some helpful textual advice.

You may also learn about some new body parts.

Oh, and there's some face changing.

3. Money Talk

A lesson in business economics.

That's a lot of hundos.

4. Griddleman

Check out the new trademark "BM."

5. Steve Brule

Steve Brule's back. Pickin' his nose.

Uh oh! Panini's too hot!

Nah, he's okay.

6. Women's Entertainment

I wonder what women like to watch?


7. Advertising

Check out Eric's stylin' new grillz.

Check out Tim's passion.

The perfect ad.

8. Taut Drama

Eric overworks Tim. Tim becomes a thin-limbed corpse.

Eric, of course, blames the customers.

A lady outside is particularly distressed.

Tim is surely dead.

...or is he?

What happens, you ask? FIND OUT NOW! GO WATCH THE EPISODE YOU SPRING TURKEY. I'm gonna go re-watch it for the sixth time. Still not enough.

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Jesse said...

Ah, the greatest hug (of a webpage). You've really captured the essence of the episode my friend!

-Ted Didlio